“-Having my head scratched, I just melt,
-When I hear a song that I haven’t heard in a while that perfectly describes or relates to what I’m feeling.
– Interesting conversations with fun people.
-Finally saving a decent amount of money, and not immediately blowing it on stupid shit -Nothing puts a smile on my face quicker than crushing the hopes and dreams of children in video games.
-Being the first one to break the seal on a new jar of peanut butter.
-When somebody says “Oh, I finally get it!!” I am a Math Teacher.
-Losing myself in a good book, or a good TV series.
-The right balance of cereal and milk.
-Very small rocks.
-Waking up in a panic thinking you’re late for work, then realizing its Saturday before you have got out of bed.
-Coffee. Honest. It LITERALLY makes me happy. If I haven’t had caffeine in a while I find myself excitedly happy about 15 minutes after ingesting a large coffee.
-Being alone.
-Knowing that I’ve helped people.”

The above were some random responses which came up as an answer to the question ‘what makes you happy?’

Being rational beings, humans love the art of defining or putting a bar of limitations to everything and anything. As we grow, we become better suited at containing our emotions. We know the exact situations which would transpire tears and smiles and frowns and smirks. But to put a condition and many to happiness, that’s a little troublesome of a situation there. As much expansion of my little wisdom I can ensure, there cannot be a process of conditioning attached to you being joyous. If you’re truly keeping a happy perspective towards your days, you would never have one standard answer to the question ‘what makes you happy?’ A dear friend of mine, once told me that we need reasons to be happy. I would affirm that statement a 100 percent, but what if the gift of life is the most important reason to ensure that whenever you rise from your excellent nightly slumber, you feel a brilliant rush of joy inside your wonderful heart, which is the perfect definition of happiness (the views expressed by the lame writer are personal and yes lamer than a potato). But yes, alright, a reality check, not all our nightly slumbers are excellent, and not often a new morning ensures a rush of joy, ‘Mondays, fuck them’.

In all honesty, yes there are little and big reasons in all of our lives and days which offer us joy, but being happy at the sight of a hot steaming cheese pizza is a lot different than keeping a happy perspective towards life. Landing a new job, graduating school, finding love, buying a new car, these are all beautiful moments which all of us cherish when they arrive, but it is highly necessary to sustain happiness on all of our days even when there aren’t reasons to be found for it. It sounds difficult to accomplish such a weird seeming reasoning but it is what it is. Knowing that tomorrow is going to be better if you are willing to work for it, is a good reason to be happy today. Every person whose response is mentioned above has laid down something dear to their heart which offers them happiness. It may well be momentary, but it isn’t really hard to sustain happiness when you know that we’re offered the gift of life for the sole purpose to spend our days in as joyous a manner. Why is every birthday, every anniversary, every little milestone or accomplishment along the course of life celebrated in absolute happiness? There would have been some really inspiring people who would have first come up with the idea of a celebration. I am highly grateful to them for it as every celebration harbors so much unceasing happiness for everyone who is a part of it.

Living your days, yes, is a lot different a process than that of celebrating your birthday, but if there’s one thing a birthday stands for, it is it’s reminder that life goes on, one year at a time, one month at a time and one day at a time. So take this gift of today, and turn it into a celebration of having lived through many of your tests and even more of your amazing accomplishments as a human being. Life is hard, but believe these words of yours truly, happiness is not really hard, if we know how easy it is.

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