I, often observe my brain asking me a question whenever the eyes witness rain, and rain which falls out of clouds, making an appearance in a shocking manner on a hot June afternoon, is a delight for the eyes and the heart. Man is a product of nature has been my perspective since long now, and no matter how much we feel otherwise, we, belonging to nature, are constantly witnessing change of phases and emotions in our lives. After all, we never really remain the same, from little kids to adults and then into old people, we keep changing and growing.

There’s summer, and spring, and the winter, and the autumn. It is a cycle of weather which is beautiful, because unlike certain animals that go into a deep sleep for the winters, we, humans rise up each day and get to live amongst what the creator has given us. Or maybe, not because in the world of today most humans have their lives occupied with things made for our comforts and utilities in factories, and as I sit on my couch writing this sentence by hitting keys behind a bright screen, the sweet sound of rain falling against the window makes my noble heart want to rush out and breathe it in which I will but not before I impart my poor sense of wisdom onto you. There are not many arrangements better at healing your soul than nature. The rain I affirm is a great one. Little did my seven year old self knew that the boats of paper I set on course to nowhere now would be wished back later when the adult me would be longing for the innocence of the old. The rain then meant unceasing joy, the rain now offers a lot more.

The green of the earth and the grey of the hearts are made better by it. It carries a reminder for us all to know the importance of renewal. Renewal of our spirits and our soul. As I raise the falling rain collected in the cupping of my palm, the memories of the old come back for good. It never gets too bad for us not to find reasons to be happy. A rainy day teaches us a lot about optimism. Not many happenings are concerned with drawing out any good from falling. ‘Why is happiness hard’ is the question I wrote in the very first sentence of this piece. I am always sure that happiness is easy, we merely need to tweak our lives a little, but there’s a little something with the phenomenon of rain which makes me admit that after everything, happiness does not really come easy.

As someone with a knack for self reflection on a daily basis, the rain of today carries an answer. Trying hard for something is good, it is the normality of things, but not trying hard enough is what makes it tough. Our hearts are innocent beings, they are easy to fool, you could breathe a few deep ones in moments of peril and the heart would be calmed. You tell yourself on a daily basis that I am going to be happy, no matter what, and the brain is going to trick the heart into believing that despite nothing for the better, there’s happiness. The brains are creatures which respond to knowledge a lot more than to emotions, because they arrive from the heart. The rain, it is something the appeals to the heart. It wants to gather in itself the beauty of nature as an emotion, and in the process of it appealing to something it makes us realize the follies we feed it. If ever, there has been a time when I offered happiness as a sense of momentary bliss to my heart, then I know of the many wrongs I have caused it. For happiness is not something which really should be hard, it should be easy, but we make it hard by the manners in which we go about our days. With one answer more to go into another day, I hope I make it a better one, for there are no better ways to harbor happiness, than waking up a better human tomorrow than yesterday. The rain falling outside now is compelling me to rush to it, and I wish it offers every monotonous soul a moment of comfort of how it does in its wonderful manners for yours truly.

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