Mental Health Status In India

A popular study suggests that India is among the most depressed countries in the world. The idea of Mental Health in India faces stigma and thus, ignorance. Almost half of the illnesses begin by the age of 14 yet are least explored, understood, identified & diagnosed. Considering the system of education, there is less focus on providing knowledge about healthy management of thoughts, feelings & behaviour.

In particular, the youth of our country have a bumpy ride in managing their psycho-social and emotional states. Adolescents, among the age group of 13 to 18, are constantly in the rush of exploring their identities, forming intimate relationships and stronger bonds while dealing with the idea of choosing and developing career, while young professionals, in the age group of early twenties to late forties are working their way out for personal and professional stability, struggling through waves of failures and successes. In this scenario, many of them may consciously or unconsciously face emotional challenges that they may find harder to vent or voice to anyone and feel a lack of support.

Talk Happy Therapy

On March 20, 2017, the International Day of Happiness, Talk Happy Therapy was first presented to the world as ‘The Happiness Event’ in New Delhi through collaborating mental health with entertainment in order to break away from conventional perceptions and make it easier for people from various walks of life to connect for their mental health issues and challenges.

An initiative for Mental Health Awareness and Well Being, Talk Happy Therapy works to eradicate stigma, strengthen support and psycho-education, with a vision of ‘Mental Health For All’. It aims to provide Mental Health Care with ease of affordability, availability & accessibility and make it a worthy experience.

About the Founder :

Ms. Simran Luthra is a Counselling Psychologist & Founder of Talk Happy Therapy. In her experiences, she has facilitated several workshops for Mental Health Care at different institutions using various therapeutic modalities. She has been a guest speaker at many renowned institutions such as IIM-Rohtak, Banasthali Vidyapith, TERI School of Advanced Studies, University of Delhi to name a few.

Named as ‘Suicide Prevention Counsellor’ by a leading newspaper, she has saved more than a hundred individuals from suicide and has been actively providing Psychological First Aid and spreading the idea of Mental Health Care.

Apart from being a social worker, Ms. Simran Luthra has also been an actor, anchor and a radio person working with veterans of the Indian entertainment industry.

Our Impact :

3 Years, 30+ Workshops, Psycho-Educating 500+ individuals, Connecting 500+ individuals to Support Network and bringing many many smiles..