#Fighting My Fear

The examination hall at school, before a Math final, would have my stomach turning inside out and my forehead sweating, even on a cold February morning. Now, it might have been alright if I had not put away my video games and my basketball whilst I was supposed to study, but despite spending good … Read more about #Fighting My Fear

#Lessons For Happiness

An English teacher at school once had her students, including yours truly, write down in their notebooks the following sentence. ‘A happy future is made up of nothing but lots of happy todays put together’. The literature context to it was forgotten soon to honor a very noble tradition amongst … Read more about #Lessons For Happiness

#Wonders From The Rain

I, often observe my brain asking me a question whenever the eyes witness rain, and rain which falls out of clouds, making an appearance in a shocking manner on a hot June afternoon, is a delight for the eyes and the heart. Man is a product of nature has been my perspective since long now, and no … Read more about #Wonders From The Rain

#What Makes You Happy

"-Having my head scratched, I just melt, -When I hear a song that I haven’t heard in a while that perfectly describes or relates to what I’m feeling. - Interesting conversations with fun people. -Finally saving a decent amount of money, and not immediately blowing it on stupid shit -Nothing puts … Read more about #What Makes You Happy

All The Outbursts

Anger, on its own, can be both an empowering feeling of expression and something so full of envy and aggression that it brings you lower than anything else has ever been before. I’ve always been one of those people, who seem to be calm on the surface and is calm on the inside. However, even when … Read more about All The Outbursts

Brushes With Debating

College is always described as somewhat of a rollercoaster, full of worldly experiences and nasty lessons and people that come and go from your life. It emulates life in a way that gets you ready for the larger occurrences that you’ll be confronted with in your journey of adulthood, and in Delhi … Read more about Brushes With Debating


As far back as I remember, it had always been a “good thing” to go and seek out for yourself: to be people-oriented, street smart, be friendly to company, be good at conversation, to be loud and assertive and a leader,and whatever else goes along with it. That’s the sort of thing growing up … Read more about Introversion

Letter To A Teacher

School structures can be hard to navigate, and not for obvious reasons. On the face of it, schools present themselves as beacons of growth and knowledge, which isn’t completely a farce, but I do believe they sometimes impede growth much more than incentivize it. Think of all those mornings you’d … Read more about Letter To A Teacher

I Remember My Depression

The memory of 7th grade has always been rich and well-cemented in my head, and not because of any reasons of happiness, love or fondness. I had liked 7th grade well enough, had a few crushes, done well in my studies, but the reasons for remembering the time so well is linked to the fact that it was … Read more about I Remember My Depression