On Friends & Distances

The degree of friendship, I believe, is somewhat proportionate to its distance. That might be an irrational belief to have, but I’ve seen the evidences all my life. My friendships, more often than not, were built on mutuality and reciprocation, and I found spending time together perhaps the best … Read more about On Friends & Distances

Parental Conflicts

The way I think, there is no purer bond or love in the world than the one between a mother and her child. Surely, one can contest the idea with the idea that fathers matter too. There are all kinds of examples of true love out there, that shows “pure” doesn’t necessarily mean being of the same … Read more about Parental Conflicts

Speaking Up

Examinations, in our lives as children of modern, progressive India of the 21st century, figure a great deal. The rote learning isn’t the only fun part we all engage with – there are a number of obstacles any school-going child faces that impede their development and creativity – whether it is … Read more about Speaking Up